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Arab Health’s 18th Imaging and Diagnostics Conference 2018

Theme: Advances in the Art of Radiology

Arab Health’s 18th Imaging and Diagnostics conference is a four-day multidisciplinary scientific meeting which will present the latest advances in medical imaging, accurate imaging diagnosis and improvement of care quality for radiology patients.

Globally renowned experts will give their insights on state of the art technologies and advanced techniques on how to get the best out of standard equipment.  The scientific sessions will identify disease imaging and diagnostics for oncology, breast, abdominal, emergency and respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, nervous systems including a comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic imaging procedures utilised in demonstrating diseases and conditions.

What are the main topics covered in this event?

  • Interventional radiology
  • Multiple sessions on breast imaging and diagnostics
  • Oncologic radiology
  • Patient safety
  • Abdominal radiology

What's new?

  • Arab Health meets EUSOBI this year!
  • New topics like radiology in sports medicine, and radiology in emergencies
  • New expert speakers from multiple radiology disciplines
  • Total Radiology Young Professionals Committee
  • Young Professionals Poster Competition
  • Many more sessions for radiographers
  • Arab Health Meets EUSOBI (European Society of Breast Imaging)
  • Management skills for radiologists

Benefits of attending

  • Find tips on how the experts conduct accurate diagnosis in emergencies
  • Examine impact of new initiatives to prevent occupational exposure in radiology
  • Identify how to translate academic research to evidence-based diagnostic radiology
  • Evaluate how to reduce radiation while maintaining good image quality with different modalities
  • Review pearls and pitfalls to diagnose and image trauma cases more efficiently and quickly

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Join TheConferenceWebsite here for more Conferences in your Medical Specialty