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EFORT 14th Congress 2013 (EFORT 2013)

A scientist is someone with a passion for solving challenges and exploring mysteries. The description also fits an orthopaedic surgeon perfectly.

How would you describe Istanbul? It is full of history, from Byzantine to Ottoman times, and offers modern visitors 1001 mysteries to uncover. It is a mythical city for which passions are difficult to hide.

EFORT has chosen Istanbul for its Congress for a reason. This will be a meeting of all passions and curiosities.

It takes a degree of courage to choose such an attractive place for a Congress. There is always the risk that the setting will overshadow the Congress itself.

EFORT, however, has all the scientific prestige it takes to stand up to the competition, even if that competition is Istanbul.

We have worked hard on the upcoming scientific programme, which we are sure will meet your justifiably high expectations. Its highlights are sure to fire our professional passions anew.

We are proud of the feedback we have received, which reveals a great deal of interest in this Congress from Middle and Far-Eastern countries. The reason, no doubt, is that Turkey offers a bridge between East and West, with a shared history and closely related culture. This city is the gateway to the Orient.

This will be a unique opportunity for all participants to meet colleagues from other parts of the world, to share scientific experience and to build new friendships.

The 14th Congress will be one of the most successful meetings ever. We are sure you will want to stay longer, to pass through this gateway to the Orient, and to discover the history of this fascinating country, from which both the tulip and the tradition of coffee originate.

Please bear in mind the abstract submission deadline of 15 September 2012.  

EFORT looks forward to welcoming you to Istanbul from 5–8 June 2013.


Hakki SUR

14th EFORT Istanbul Congress LOC Chairman

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